Young Coconuts and How to Eat ’em

Young Coconuts are a delicious and nutritious food.  Not to mention fun to prepare.  If you drink coconut water in a can (or maybe a tetra pack) then you are (as far as I know) drinking the liquid from young coconuts, and not the brown things you often associate with the word coconut.  You can buy young coconuts from The Root Cellar on the corner of Blenkinsop and McKenzie.  It’s not a complicated process to get the water AND the delicious fresh “meat” out of the coconuts but it does take a while to explain  . .  . . . So instead of typing the long explanation out (I am too tired after a big day of training to even think about taking the time to do it) I will go through the process in pictures.  I cracked this coconut yesterday and will be enjoying the last of the meat and water tomorrow in yet another killer smoothie (check the smoothie recipe at the bottom of this post.

OK, here is how to extract all the good stuff from a young coconut:

BUT FIRST A COUPLE TIPS: Use a sharp knife, take your time, scoop the meat out with a “thin or sharp” spoon, be careful not to spill any precious water.

So there you have it!  Swing over to The Root Cellar and grab a young coconut, you won’t be disappointed I guarantee.  And the icing on the cake is that this whole food is incredibly healthy for you as well – including it being a complete protein.  Perfect!

Chocolaty Coconut Smoothie Recipe:

1) 1 Cup fresh coconut water

2) 1/3 of the coconut meat

3) Vanilla Almond Milk

4) 1 Tbls Coco Powder

5) 1 banana

6) 10 fresh cherries (take the pits out of course) OR other berry of choice – blueberry goes well

7) 4-10 macadamia nuts (depends how hungry you are suppose!)

8) dash of cinnamon

9) NutriStart Provide Smoothie serving

10) Extra water to get it to preferred consistency

TIPS: Blend the almond milk, coconut water, coconut meat and mac nuts first to get it nice and smooth, then add the rest of the stuff.

With this recipe you have all your nutritional need covered too.



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