Why Being More Bulletproof Works For Me

Bulletproof? No not literally, unfortunately.  But I promise you you sure feel a heck of a lot better when you take care of your body. When the  The Bulletproof Executive team accepted my application to be an ambassador for the company and products I was very excited.  After you have a look at their website and learn more about this incredibly smart approach to better health you may ask – is that conducive to an endurance athlete.  The answer is YES, and anyone and everyone can improve their health by incorporating aspects of The Bulletproof approach.


Finding ways to improve my physical performance is part of my career path.  Racing as an elite level athlete is demanding both physically and mentally, and people often forget how closely tied those two things are.  When your brain and neuromuscular system and body are constantly tired (often very tired) from large training loads it makes it more difficult for your body to regenerate itself.  In comes The Bulletproof ideology.

I love coffee, and after drinking Bulletproof Coffee, especially with Upgraded Beans I know how poor the quality is of most beans out there.  Now that you know what Bulletproof Coffee is you may ask – Isn’t that a lot of fat calories for an endurance athlete.  Yes and no, since like most things timing is the most important part; and the fats in MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides are absorbed in the body very differently than other fats).  I have macronutrient ratios that I adhere fairly closely to and those ratios change as the training/racing season changes and my carbohydrate needs go up with increased training volume.   So I may not always put in a full tablespoon of both butter and MCT oil in each cup worth of coffee.  But I put at least some of each in almost every cup I drink.

I am just coming off of my off season and therefore the training load has been low, very low the last 4 weeks.  So my fat intake has been at it’s highest and that means plenty of cups of super delicious and stimulating Bulletproof Coffee.  Next lets talk about Upgraded Whey.


I use the Upgraded Whey daily.  Once you have great about it (click that link in the previous sentence) you will get some more details on the quality of the product.  But that is the key word here – QUALITY.  I don’t want to be putting crap in my body when I don’t need to.  Most whey protein powders have have some sort of flavourings or other additives put in AND the actually quality of the whey is very poor.  Upgraded Whey is the purest and cleanest whey protein available and that means you are able to digest it very easily, your body is able to synthesize it very very efficiently, and it tastes amazing.  Your body will signal to you that it just knows this stuff is pure and clean.

I also use Upgraded MCT Oil every day in many ways.  This is an incredible tool for weight management and mental health.  It also happens to taste amazing and adds a creamy flavor to anything.  Upgraded MCT Oil is, as with all Upgraded Bulletproof products, of the highest quality and purity.

Owner Dave Asprey uses the term bio-hacking to explain what he is doing as The Bulletproof Executive.  In a nutshell he is constantly finding ways to utilize super foods and top quality products to improve peoples health.  I am lucky to be an ambassador for this company and strive to also a have positive effect on improving peoples health.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014!

Set your goals and most importantly stick to plan you lay out to reach those goals.


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