Welcome to the world of Social Media, Adam!

Until a few months ago I had been resisting all social media.  I think the decision to not jump into the world of Twitter and Facebook stemmed from my love for keeping things simple.  I also believed that these social media communities were just another hobby that would keep you glued to a computer screen and leave your eyes burning by the time you finished your computer session.  I much prefer my eyes to be burning because I ripped around a corner on my bike and “bang” the sun was shining right in my face.  And think that for a lot of people Twitter and Facebook do consume way too much of their time (unless of course, one just loves continuously clicking a mouse button to find out every detail on a certain person, product or company); but I have figured out pretty quickly that you can be pretty efficient with your time on Facebook and Twitter if you choose to be.

It wasn’t until recently that I truly realized that social media is important for a professional athlete, and I might go as far as saying it is absolutely necessary if you want to keep up with the other athletes that are competing with you for sponsorship.

Here is how I see it now – My 2011 season was a success, and although I didn’t achieve a personal best over the Ironman distance I do know that I made quantifiable gains as an athlete.  But in order for me to take the next step and be competitive on an international level I simply have to find more sponsorship so that I can train, rest and race more and work less.

I am now fully engaged on Facebook and Twitter, so please check the right side of my webpage (just scroll your eyes about 6inches to the right on the screen right now) and click the Facebook and Twitter links and check me out on a regular basis.  I like to write Facebook posts and Tweets about training, health, food, and fitness.



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