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Celebrating your successes – GWN Triathlon

One of my idols – a retired Canadian triathlete named Peter Reid – has said on record that one of, if not the biggest regret he has of his racing career is how he didn’t take the time to celebrate his successes.  He was so focused on the next race and how he could improve that he failed to se

10 Years

Ten years - that is how long I have been training and racing at an elite level.  That image header is me 8 years ago in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.  There has only been two times in that long period when was I not training regularly and those where both forced breaks due to surgery -

Ironman 70.3 Victoria

It is amazing to have a world class event right in our own backyard now.  The Ironman brand puts on amazing events and this past Sunday was no different, with over 2000 people participating!  The men's, and to a lesser extent the women's, pro fields were stacked with Canadian athletes.  Congratul

Shawnigan Lake Triathlon & Skechers Shoe Review

First things first.  For those of you that missed it, Brent McMahon a fellow Canadian and LifeSport athlete absolutely crushed the field at Ironman Brasil by going 7:46:10!!!!! What an incredible performance from an incredibly nice and humble guy.  I asked his permission to put that photo up as my

VIRA Running Series Recap, Victoria 70.3, Training Update

For 2016 I wanted to get my running fitness on track by focusing on some of the VIRA road running series races, and then capping it off with the local Times Colonist 10K event.  I had a lot of fun and some great results at these running races – it feels so good to have a good crack at a road runn

Ironman 70.3 Texas 2016

With my website update done I am happy to start putting out more blog posts and race reports.  The revamping of my website did get delayed and took longer than I hoped, but onwards and upwards! Here we are after Ironman 70.3 Texas and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on the race. First off t

Balancing Family and Triathlon at the Professional Level

As an elite level athlete I train a lot and I train hard – this is the path I chose and my passion for triathlon runs deep. This sport has been the focal point of my life for 8 years now, and until I met my wife and started a family I lived in my own little world. This year marks my 6th season of

Focus: Where To Apply It

[av_dropcap1]M[/av_dropcap1] arch 13th, 2014 broke my elbow. A clean, 3cm fracture of the olecranon . Not the best type of injury to have when you are a triathlete. But time is a valuable thing and what we focus on at any given time can have a huge effect on ou

Why I love Sunday Mornings

I love the trail systems in Victoria.  We are so lucky to have access to an almost limitless amount of trails spread throughout the city and the entire CRD (including the Juan de Fuca I have hiked a couple times . . . wow, waking up on the beach on a morning like this out on that trail would be. .