Training and Diet Log – Thursday March 29th

On the day before my 30th birthday I logged a solid training day.  Coach Noa and I chatted last week and decided it was time to add another bike ride to the weekly plan.  It was decided that we would add a high intensity session.  I was curious what it would be.

Yesterday, March 29th, saw a demanding workout in each discipline.  On days like this I feel it is of paramount importance to fuel the body properly to maximize your performance as well as boost your recovery.  So I thought I might go through the entire day and talk about my training and food intake.  Let’s do this in point form.

3:00am – Wake up to my 11 month old crying for some food.  So we both have a snack. I have sweet potato, home made almond butter w/ coconut sugar.

3:30am – Back to sleep

5:15:am- Up again and getting ready to go. Ate 1 rice cake with coconut oil.

5:45-7:15am – 5000m Swim. 2 NutriStart AdrenalStart pills just before swim (empty stomach).

7:25am – 3 Caramel rice cakes with a little home made almond butter / coconut oil paste on top.  4 (big) dried Kadota Figs. 1 big mouthful of my smoothie (ingredients for that to come).

8:15-9:10am – Interval Run, done on treadmill since it was pouring outside! Lots of hard work and was dialing in 5:15/mi pace for the intervals.

9:10am-9:20am – Core and Hip Stability session in gym.

9:30am – Breakfast. Smoothie including: NutriStart Provide Smoothie (double serving today), almond milk, cocoa powder, maca powder, blueberries, mango, banana, flax oil. Not too much of each ingredient though as I was also having 2 medium sized sweet potatoes on the side (Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes to be exact). 3 NutriStart NutriKrill pills.

10:00am – Train Client at Synergy Wellness Centre.

11:30am – Snack.  Apple, chunk of 90% chocolate and some walnuts.

12:45pm – High Intensity Bike Workout.  Body had trained hard in the days leading up but responded well to this new workout and higher level of intensity.

2:15:pm – Adulfo Mango.

2:30pm – Lunch. Salmon Steaks w/ sweet potato (orange and yellow ones this time!), papaya chunks, and broccoli mixed with miso/flax oil paste

3:00pm – Train client at Commonwealth Place.

4:20pm – Daddy and Max time.

5:00pm – Snack. Manna Bread with 2 dates, and a thick glass of whey protein on side (15g worth of protein).  Then Max and I shared and granny smith. 2 Salmon Oil Pills.

6:00pm – 2 AdrenalStart Pills.

7:00pm – Dinner with the whole family. I had massive pile of local greens (broccoli, kale).  Chunks of stewing lamb with bone in cooked slowly in Coconut Oil, Ghee, salt, cayenne powder, curry powder and extra turmeric powder. NOTE: I went heavy on the protein at this time of the day. And it was a big pile of greens.  3 Salmon Oil Pills.

9:30pm – A little bit hungry so mixed up half a serving of Provide Smoothie in some almond milk and a generous teaspoon of flax oil.

9:45pm – Bedtime.

Of course that is a lot of food, but it is noteworthy to mention that I never stuffed myself at anytime.  I like to eat until I am about 80% full then if I feel hungry a bit later I have a snack.  I find my body just craves healthy food between workouts and I sure feel good after eating a healthy wholesome meal when my body is in need of it.  I hope this little log of training and food can be helpful to some of you!

One more thing, I also consumed about 12,000 IU of Vitamin D throughout the day in 2,000-3,000IU increments, of course I use NutriStart QuickD, and this vitamin is ever so important to supplement.  Especially this time of year in our climate, but all year round I use it in varying amounts.

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