Thoughts on Macca’s Book

Chris McCormack is arguably the best triathlete ever.  Everyone has their favorite athletes and can argue (successfully I’m sure) that perhaps say, Mark Allen or Cameron Brown or Peter Reid are better Iron distance triathletes. But Chris “Macca” McCormack is certainly one of the best, and that can be deduced simply by looking at this list of results – which stretch quite deep across races of all distances.  Beyond race results he is a master tactician and does what he needs to to win.

A friend of mine gave me his book (then, the next day my wife surprised me with a copy too!) and of course I got right into reading it.  I jumped to a few chapters that I was really interested in and then proceeded read it from back to front.

It is a great read and I think any athlete (in any sport) could learn a few things from reading it.  If you have followed Macca through is career (or, like me, have studied his triathlon career after you got into the sport) then you know he is one of the more “vocal” athletes out there and his book provides great insight into why he has approached triathlon in the way he does.

Of course the book is written from the perspective of a very high level triathlete so it is important to take his advice with a grain of salt.  For example, the training plan he outlines in his book is a very demanding regime for anyone, even top level triathletes; and, his advice with race day nutrition is very specific to what has worked for him.  But I would still encourage people to test some of his theories out in their training – you never know what might work for you until you try it!  That leads me to one important thing that I have heard him say over and over again on his webpage, in interviews, and in his book, and that is – when you do find what works, stick with it.

Overall, I think his book is a great investment for any triathlete.

– Adam


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