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Challenge Penticton

Challenge Penticton and Rancho Cordova

Two weeks ago I completed the Penticton course for the 5th time, and it was not my best performance there. There was a variety of factors that influenced the outcome of the race, most of which were not poor decisions made during the race but external things that may or may not have been prevented. […]

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Focus: Where To Apply It

[av_dropcap1]M[/av_dropcap1] arch 13th, 2014 broke my elbow. A clean, 3cm fracture of the olecranon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olecranon . Not the best type of injury to have when you are a triathlete. But time is a valuable thing and what we focus on at any given time can have a huge effect on our long term goals.  Here […]

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