SUPER SOUP Fundraiser & FAQs

This is a fundraiser that I have started to help offset the inherent costs of racing abroad.  My version of using food for a fundraiser is a bit different from selling cookies at a bake sale as I want to help people be and feel more healthy.  So I decided I would sell one of my favourite foods – my sweet potato soup.  Which is now known as ADAM’S SUPER SOUP.  So this is a win-win situation for me and the people supporting the fundraiser.  I appreciate your support and I know you will love my SUPER SOUP!



  1. Can I eat an entire container of SUPER SOUP in one sitting? Yes. But this must be justified by having done some form of physical activity at some point in the day prior to consuming the SUPER SOUP.
  2. Does Super Soup come frozen? Due to our limited freezer and fridge space it may or may not come frozen.  If it is not frozen then it will come cold and handed to you straight from a cooler.  And don’t worry this type of soup freezes extremely well and there is not texture change when you go to heat it up and eat.
  3. Can I freeze it and how long does it last in the freezer? Yes you can freeze it (if you can resist eating it) for up to 2 months.  For extra freshness you may wish to double up the resistance to freezer burn by tightly wrapping it in a plastic bag.
  4. Is the 1.8L in one big container? No, the only size container we offer is 900ml and therefore the 1.8L is just 2 of the 900ml size.
  5. Why is homemade stock/broth so good for us?  It is one of natures true super foods and cultures all over the world have been making it for centuries.  It is very nutritiously dense and contains an amazing array of minerals and compounds such as collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine (these are very common ingredients in store bought supplements for joint health).  Dr.Mercola is a well respected voice in the health and wellness industry, here is a great article about bone broths on his webpage –
  6. Yams or sweet potatoes?  The sweet potatoes I use are the orange type that are referred to as yams in North America.  But in actuality what we call yams are actually just an orange sweet potato.  Yam is a different genus of food, here is the wikipedia page to explain that a little – .  Either way, tubers are loaded with vitamins!
  7. Is the soup cooled before being put in the containers? Yes, it is.  I understand the potential problems with putting hot liquids into soft plastic and therefore I ensure it is fully cooled before putting it in the containers.
  8. Why do you use bison bones for the stock?  I ensure that the bones used for making the stock come from humanly raised and grass-fed animals.  Island Bison is a Vancouver Island, family run business and I know that they feed and treat their animals very well.  If Island Bison products are not available at anytime I have other reliable sources for grass-fed, humanely treated product.
  9. What is the nutritional information for SUPER SOUP?  This information will be available very soon!



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