Staying Bulletproof in the Off Season

Having decided that I am now in my off season I alter certain aspect of my daily life, but I certainly still try to stay Bulletproof (BP). For example, I do not get out of bed early, I get out of bed when my body says it has had enough sleep (I am lucky that my son sleeps until at least 6:30am usually).  I also try to make the absolute most out of the extra time I have, and this means I am working more for my employer (Purica) and spending time really getting my 2015 season planned out properly.  I am setting some solid, realistic long terms goals for the next few years; and at the heart of this long term approach is becoming a front pack swimmer and becoming truly competitive on the bike.  I will write more about this in a future post.

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But for the focus of this post I want to touch on my approach to diet and nutrition in the off season.  And funny enough, not a lot changes.  Basically I start to consume less food, and I feel I actually get a bit more tight with my diet.  I certainly allow for some treats such as some vodka or wine with my wife and/or some friends.  But when I know that I might be going to or hosting a gathering that will include some alcohol I take those extra alcohol calories into account when I am preparing my food earlier in the day.

For anyone that follows me through any of my social media outlets, you are aware that I am an ambassador for the Bulletproof Executive company.  Dave Asprey has worked hard to create the approach to living that he calls being Bulletproof. His website is an incredible resource for anyone who is looking to learn about how to improve their performance in any or all aspects of life.  Bulletproof Coffee is what he is most famous for perhaps, but you don’t have to be a butter and MCT Oil infused coffee lover to follow his guidelines to eating more healthy.   Click the link below to view the Bulletproof Diet Road Mao – it is an amazing resource.  Have a good look at it and you will see that it encourages heavy consumption of vegetables and other nutrient dense foods – and this is one of the key reasons I agree and use this approach and use it as my primary guide to eating the healthiest diet I can.

Bulletproof Diet Road Map

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Well, first of all I tend to eat a few less starch and other carbohydrates.  But the funny thing is I actually don’t crave carbohydrates nearly as much as when I am training heavy.  One thing I am drinking more of is a lot of Bulletproof Coffee.  I drink only the best beans, and this means I drink almost exclusively Upgraded Coffee Beans. If you drink coffee regularly you would be wise to listen to this podcast #100 – Coffee Titan Dan Cox, because coffee is just like everything else – there are varying levels of quality, and in the case of coffee the bad are pretty bad and the good are really good.

I certainly eat more by hunger during the off season as well.  What I mean is that sometimes during heavy training days of blocks it can be hard to consume enough nutrition.  So sometimes I will eat a small snack even if I am not hungry because I don’t want to sacrifice any performance in my upcoming training session.  But during the off season if I am not hungry, then I certainly won’t eat anything extra.  An example of this was yesterday where after my short swim workout I ate a can of sardines and about 20 cashews.  And I (somewhat surprisingly) didn’t get hungry for almost 3 hours.  But keep in mind it was a 30min swim and all at an easy effort.

Following the Bulletproof Diet will help me ensure I don’t put on too much unwanted weight so that when I start up my structured training again in another week and a half I will transition back into training a bit more easily.

But don’t get me wrong, I am still human and I plan on eating a big piece of pumpkin pie at my Mom’s house on Sunday.  I am prepared for the mild bloating and gas I might get from the gluten and excess sugar.

Here is a great infographic on BP Coffee.


Alright everyone in Canada, have a happy Thanksgiving!

And best of luck to anyone running in the Goodlife Victoria Marathon events this weekend.  Hope to see you out there on the 1.5km Kids Run course!


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