Shawnigan Lake Triathlon & Skechers Shoe Review

Crushes Field at Ironman Brasil

Brent McMahon crushes field at Ironman Brasil

First things first.  For those of you that missed it, Brent McMahon a fellow Canadian and LifeSport athlete absolutely crushed the field at Ironman Brasil by going 7:46:10!!!!! What an incredible performance from an incredibly nice and humble guy.  I asked his permission to put that photo up as my header for this blog post as his performance is incredibly motivating and makes me even hungrier for my upcoming races.

This past weekend I race the classic Shawnigan Lake event.  This race has been going on for quite a few years now and continues to get support from Bob Saunders of Saunders Subaru.  He is an amazing person and does a great deal for athletics in Victoria – we are just lucky he likes triathlon 😉

The race went fairly close to as planned in that I swam hard and hit the first halves hard of each the bike and the run.  Winning a race is always nice (results here), but I look forward to the highly competitive Victoria Ironman 70.3 event on June 12th. This was my first race in the 2016 Aquasphere Phantom wetsuit, and it continues to impress me everytimg I put it on.  Very happy to have formed a relationship with this forward-thinking company.  I continue to deal with fit issues on the bike and certainly have some disappointment regarding my bike performance.  Has it not been for Dr.Grimes, Dr.Atwall and Dr.Willgress at Synergy Health Centre I know this

They had a great selection to choose from, including the Cobb I was wanting to try.

They had a great selection to choose from, including the Cobb I was wanting to try.

injury could have sidelined me by now, but they are keeping me loose and able to continue to train as I tweak my bike.

Today was I took the next step in getting my bike issues resolved – I had a 3+ hour bike fit with the team at bbphysio.  They use a state of the art technology for finding your imbalances and making adjustments to fix them.  The fitting starts with a physical assessment and then progresses to everything from cleat position tweaks to saddle options (of which he has MANY – see image to right) to aerobar adjustments.  I was very impressed and am certainly satisfied with the session – I am anxious to see how it feels after a few rides.

Training Update

With only a couple weeks until the Victoria Ironman 70.3 event I am already starting to wish tomorrow was race day.  Under the guidance of Coach Lance Watson I have seen my fitness progress very steadily with all three disciplines seeing improvements over where they have been in the past.  Swimming with Mercury Rising Triathlon (MRT) group on Tuesday and the LifeSport/MRT Thetis Lake swim on Friday are my key sessions and I am thankful to have lots of faster swimmers to chase.  I will sharpen up my running this weekend with a 3000m track event in the Q Track Series at UVic here in Victoria – should be fun getting my butt kicked trying to keep up with someone….anyone! haha

One of the biggest changes in the months leading into the Victoria 70.3 race has my bike training, it wasn’t much more volume or overall intensity that changed but how Lance programmed it all into my micro and macro training plans.  By revisiting some key workouts I was able to set new and more lofty goals each time, and I am pleased to see in all most all cases I achieved those goals.  My 2:08:00 bike split at the Texas Ironman 70.3 back in early April was a real confidence booster and my training since then indicates improvement for sure.

Skechers Shoes Review

At the start of 2016 I was fortunate to form a product sponsorship with Skechers Performance running shoes.  The company has been very nice to deal with and very accommodating with generous amounts of shoes and training gear.  Thank you Skechers Performance Canada.  I am not paid to write this review but I am happy and excited to do so.

GOrun collage

The three models I have tested quite thoroughly are:
GOrun 4 (lightweight trainer / distance racer)
GOrun Ride 5 (trainer)
GOmeb Speed 3 (racer)
The Skechers Performance range offers something for everyone for sure.  Some of the features that are common across the core/popular varieties are:
– lightweight yet durable
– lower profile uppers but not so much that there is any worry of slippage (even an orthotic would likely fit quite well because the shoes I have been using are quite flexible.
– I personally really like the platform of the sole: broad, supportive yet flexible
– moderate volume but plenty of room in forefoot for splaying on impact
– lighter weight compared to some other brands in same class
– great cushioning but still responsive sole
– I like the lateral “M-Strike” technology that promotes a mid-foot strike and supports a mid-foot strike
– 4mm drop in all 3 of these models, but that is just the shoe platform without an insole, so as they do mention, the shoe turns into more of an 6-8mm drop with an insole in it
– durability is very good for the overall weight(s)
– Insides are comfortable, I haven’t had any rubbing or friction issues whatsoever with any of these 3 models
Skechers GOrun 4 training on the Ironman Canada run course in Whistler

Skechers GOrun 4 training on the Ironman Canada run course in Whistler

– the uppers aren’t super sleek in how they wrap the foot, but in my opinion it is more of a luxury to have a shoe

that does look and feel like it is hugging your foot, what one actually needs is functionality and I can say the uppers in the Skechers are comfortable and functional.

Here is a brief summary of each model:
GOrun 4:
– so far a fantastic lightweight trainer
– I race the Ironman Texas 70.3 in them and it was very comfortable as a shoe for after a hard 90k bike, no blistering, felt good in terms of room in shoe after foot being a bit swelled up after bike of course
– soft uppers was very nice

– I also race the Shawnigan Lake Triathlon in them and it was on a loose gravel trail, I found the tread performed

Quoted by this shoe salesman "these are lightening fast"

Quoted by this shoe salesman “these are lightening fast”

very well on that surface

GOrun Ride 5:
– substantial sole for cushion, quite a large surface area hitting ground, but again flexibility and type of foam in the shoe makes it very comfortable
– although they are a regular trainer they don’t feel “heavy”
– uppers not quite as soft as the GOrun 4, but still very comfortable and flexible in how they move with the foot
– very nice “ride” for long runs and even tempo sets when I am feeling strong and the extra weight is not an issue
GOmeb Speed 3:
– I have done various distances of road races in them, including the Comox 1/2 Marathon in March in which the lat 5-6k were pretty uncomfortable as they sole is more firm and (in retrospect) I had not spent enough time in them yet to expect to feel perfect over a 1/2 distance 🙂
– very lightweight and responsive
– but again the sole is quite firm and I am very unlikely to tackle the run leg of a triathlon distance above the Sprint
GOmeb Speed 3 in action at the TC 10k - 32:35 finish time

GOmeb Speed 3 in action at the TC 10k – 32:35 finish time

Thank you to my supporters
At this point in the season I am often reminded that I couldn’t do what I do as an athlete without the support of a great group of people.  The following companies and groups of people are all amazing at what they do and I am lucky to be part of their world! Purica. LifeSport Coaching. Synergy Health Centre. Aquasphere Wetsuits Goggles and Training Gear. Skechers Performance Running Shoes.  Nova Probiotics.  Lifestyle MarketsFrontRunners.
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