Sample of 24hrs of eating Bulletproof

Earlier this week I started this blog post. I meant to post it immediately but didn’t get around to it, the timing of when I post this isn’t nearly as important as the timing of the macronutrient ratios of my food intake in this record. Have a read.

Last night when we were having our little family Canada Day BBQ I decided I would keep track of everything I ate over the next 24 hours. I eat a Bulletproof Diet pretty much all the time, but my athletic career needs me to include more carbohydrates than almost any other person really needs.

So, being Canada Day and my next big race being 8 weeks away I decided to indulge in some alcohol. I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as I was preparing the meal.

Here is what was on the dinner table: home made beef patties made with grass fed / grass finished beef and small pieces of bacon/onion/garlic/salt/f.r.egg, grilled zucchini, griller carrots, steamed broccoli, gluten green bun, white wheat bun, ketchup, mustard, mayo, “avocado mayo” (avocado mashed up with with Upgraded MCT oil, mayo and touch of salt), Daura Gluten Free Beer.

Here is what I ate: 2 medium sized patties, ~1/2cup of “avocado mayo”, massive pile of broccoli, grilled zucchini and carrots, 1 beer.

As a treat my wife had asked for me to pick up Fudsicles for desert, I had no interest in this desert as I was completely satisfied from the nutrient dense, clean protein and healthy fat laden meal.

Due in large part to my training load over the last 3 days I woke up hungry. I had ~8 Macadamia nuts and a small spoonful of coconut oil. Then some black tea. Once my little guy woke up we made Banana Muffins. Not ordinary banana muffins though. One regular batch has 6 eggs, 1/2cup coconut flour, 1/2c melted mix of butter/coconut oil, and only 2 bananas and 1tbl sugar for sweetening (if my wife and son weren’t going to eat these I wouldn’t have put the sugar in).

I had one of these muffins accompanied by 1.5cups of Bulletproof Coffee (included 1.5tbls each of Brain Octane and Butter). I am writing this post (7:45am) ~20min after finishing my Bulletproof Coffee and without a doubt I am flying on all cognitive cylinders.

I will do a 3000m swim workout followed by a 20-25min Core Workout in the gym starting at 9:15am and I know I will feel phenomenal energy during this workout.

After completing the workouts I consumed 30g carbs, 8.5g protein and 2-3g fat in the forms of dextrose powder for the carbs (monosaccharide with no fructose), Upgraded Collagen for the protein source, and Upgraded MCT Oil for the fat. I also have a pinch of sea salt in there.

I consume a 3-4 : 1 CARB:PROTEIN drink after most workouts. Anything with even a moderate amount of intensity and/or over 30min in duration I drink this mix to ensure I replenish my CARB stores asap in preparation for my next workout. As an elite level triathlete I train around 25hrs / week so I do require moderate amounts of carbs. And post exercise your body is in a state of being able to very efficiently replenish muscle and liver glycogen ESPECIALLY if your daily diet is high in fats

This lead me to my next point. I thrive off of the Bulletproof Diet recommended fatty foods like: Avocado, MCT Oils, Butter, Olive Oil, Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Meat, Eggs, Salmon, Free Range Beef (not usually lean or x-lean). These fats fuel my mitochondria and energy needs very well between workouts.

LUNCH (12 noon)
Steamed kale, Carrot and Cucumbers, 1/2 Large Avocado, ~200g Sockeye Salmon. I often get bags of “fish trim” from the supermarket and for those that don’t mind cutting off fins and picking through bones it is an incredibly economical way to get a ton of tasty, fatty fish (lots of the good fats is just under the skin that is attached to the meat in the bags).

Bulletproof Coffee – Small cup with only 1cup coffee, 1tbls Brain Octane and 1/2tbls butter, 1/2tbls coconut oil, 1tsp Upgraded Chocolate Powder, 3 caps Chaga Mushrooms (Purica Brand).

Easy Spin on the Bike – 90min.

Being such an easy bike ride I decided I didn’t need any extra CARBS in this situation as I knew that I would be consuming a moderately large quantity of CARBS at dinner tonight in preparation for a 5 hour bike workout tomorrow.

2 Banana Bread Muffins with Upgraded MCT oil drizzled liberally on the 4 halves (I cut them in half to better absorb the MCT Oil).

This is time to load up on the carbs as my body will absorb and store them well at this time of day. 1.5cups Mashed Yams with butter and MCT Oil. 1 Large, free range, pork chop.

1 Medium “Pattie” of Mochi (approx. 2.5″ diameter and 0.75″ thick) chopped up and cooked on low in a pan in coconut oil, cinnamon and dextrose powder (I was feeling sweet). Large piece of 88% Dark Chocolate on side. This Mochi and Dark Chocolate will certainly help me have a sound sleep tonight.

Well that is what I consumed on this light day of training and tomorrow morning I will be out the door between 5:00-5:15am to start my long bike workout. I will eat 6-10 macadamia nuts and a small spoonful of coconut oil while I get ready. Then starting 30 minutes into my ride I will start my fuel intake. I will consume Generation UCAN combined with Brain Octane in my water bottle, ripe bananas, and Rice Crispy Bars (EnviroKids Peanut Butter version from Natures Path). I will also have Macadamia Nuts with me to consume if I feel like it.

I hope this post can help you improve your daily nutrition and/or athletic performance.

Stay Bulletproof.


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