Saanichton to Yates Street – Sunday Run

I slept in today.  It was great.  When I decided to get out of bed my son was already wide away and talking to himself and his stuffed animals in his crib.  I scooped him up and headed out to the kitchen.  After I fed him his morning “bowl” of sweet potato mommy fed him the rest of his breakfast.  I prepped my food for the day (post workout snack, NutriStart Provide Smoothie, meal #1 and meal #2) loaded it into the car then headed out for my run.  My wife was heading downtown and was going to meet me with my food and clothes for work.

I planned my route from our new place in Saanichton to Peninsula Runners Yates Street location to be an awesome zig zag route that would include a good chunk of soft terrain on Lochside Tril and 30-40min romping around Mt.Doug.  My camelbak and a some gels flasks full of quick carbs would be all I needed.

It proved to be an amazingly enjoyable run (surprise, surprise).  After the last 3 weeks of really getting back into serious training for Ironman Arizona I thoroughly enjoyed a pretty relaxed aerobic base run at this point in the training.  By the time I got to Peninsula Runners my watch was just clicking over the 2hours 15min in duration and my body was still strong but ready to stop for sure.

With just one more little workout tonight before a week of recovery I am happy to say the first 3 weeks of the Ironman Arizona build have come very very well.  Lots of bike miles, solid swim workouts and very well executed runs.

To all those in their off season – enjoy it!

To all those with one or two more races left – savour these last training sessions.

To anyone going to the Ironman World Championships in Kona – good luck.  Especially Mike Neill who is competing in his 26th Ironman next weekend.  Congrats on getting to the big island again Mike (I know I don’t need tell you to enjoy or savour it).



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