Random Exercise

Lightweight Gear Review #1 – Newton Distancia

I have to start this recurring post topic with my favorite product - the Newton Distancia. This is the racer version of the neutral shoes in the Newton Running lineup.  If you are not familiar with Newton Running Shoes and you are interested in finding a shoe that will work well with a more natural

How do you commute?

There are lots of ways to commute to work or wherever it is you have to go.  Traditional methods like driving/carpooling, taking the bus and cycling are all good options. .  .. .but what about running?  Sure, why not?  That's how I have been getting to and from work on Fridays for the last month

Monday Morning Long Run

I have really been enjoying this off season.  Not having a structured training schedule has allowed me to spend more time with my wife and work more.  It has also allowed me to do things like get up on a Monday morning and decide to to a Long Run instead of a swim. This morning I took the bus to M