Rain, Headwinds, Cold Air = Fun Ride, but. .. .

So I went out for my strength bike ride this morning that included lots of hills and big gear work.  I ended up doing some reps in the John Dean Park and area (starting down by Panorama to get some longer ones in).

It was an awesome ride, I was loving the fact it was just miserable weather with beauty headwinds on any southeast facing exposed road.  Grinding in the small ring on flats can be “fun” as a nice variation in training stimulus.  I was feeling good and strong the whole time until about the 3rd time up John Dean Park – at this point I realized that my hands and feet were pretty much numb.  Hmmm not really a good thing since I knew the rain wasn’t about the stop and the clouds weren’t about to part and dry me off with sunshine.  By the time I finished my 4th rep I knew I had to get home.

I have taught sea kayaking in the past and am fully aware that hypothermia is a very very dangerous  reality in weather like this when you start to get soaked through the clothes you are wearing.  Once I got home I drank a big cup of hot tea since that is the best way to warm the body (don’t jump in a hot shower if you think you are bordering on hypothermia).  I wasn’t bordering on hypothermia so I did have a warm shower shortly after my tea and a post exercise snack.  But during that shower my arms and legs did start to burn quite a bit and that meant they were certainly COLD.

What a great ride though, I was all smiles out there until the numbness.

Loving the IMAZ build!



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