Racking Up The Miles and Fighting the Fatigue

Coach Noa is a master of planning.  We sat down about a month ago and realized that Ironman St.George was about 20 weeks away – not a long time to prep.  Since then we have been building the swim and bike miles up very consistently and quite cleverly (cleverly thanks to Coach Noa).  Run training has been solid every session and my paces and perceived efforts are coming down. 

With increased miles comes increased fatigue.  Today’s swim was the first workout in a long time that I went into being a bit worried that I was going to be out of gas and stuggle big time.  But I didn’t, even though I was a bit “weak” feeling I still managed to swim smooth and come close to my goal times for the little MS (20×50 on 45sec).  Coach knows best, and you just need to trust your coach.

Fighting fatigue is a big part of training at a high level.  And I don’t mean denying you are tired or giving yourself unrelaistic goals on any given day or having false expectations. . .  what I mean is that if you want to train and race as a professional in any sport you need to do all you can to train more, train harder and train smarter than anyone else.  For me this is a challenge with work commitments and some less than ideal hours of sleep with a 9month old in the house (but the motivation he gives me trumps any lack of sleep).  Nutrition plays a big part in recovery and keeping the immune system strong.  As anyone who knows me knows – Nutrition is a passion of mine.  But I needed to get more out of what was going into my body, so I am incredibly lucky and have the relationship I do with the local supplement company NutriStart

NutriStart makes incredible products and I have the luxury of being thier sponsored athlete and having their products at my disposal.  Thank you Jon!   The NutriStart line is not huge, but this is beacause they have everything you need in thier line.  I encourage athletes of all levels to have a look at the NutriStart website and do some research on their products.  NutriStart has nothing to hide, their ingredient lists are all there, they have plenty of reserach backing the effectiveness of their products and will gladly discuss anything with you via email or phone. 

I have been using the following products extensively for a while now and know I am reaping the benefits: Provide Smoothie, NutriKrill, AdrenalStart, QuickD, NutriPods, JointStart, and ImmuneStart.  These products are supporting my body on every level and allow me to train hard every session (when that’s what’s on the schedule).

Back to Training Talk:

Coach Noa has pretty much got me up to the weekly hours we were hoping to be at for the new year, now we will hold that weekly total, continue to work on building strength then when Coach feels it’s the right time we will transition into race specific training.

Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to 2012 race season and getting to start it with an Ironman!

Happy Training (maybe in the snow this weekend!)





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