Race Season Has Arrived

Well it’s that time again – Race Season!  I am really starting to get excited now, Ironman St.George is less than a week away, and I can’t wait.  Starting the race season off with an Iron distance race is something new for me and I have enjoyed the more focused, higher volume, long course type training this winter and spring.  A lot of hard work has gone into my bike training and I am anxious to test my strength on the very challenging bike course that awaits in Utah.

This year, like everyone other year, I am fortunate to have a great support crew around me.  That support crew is growing in terms of sponsors too.  But first it is my wife, family and coach that I need to thank for getting me to another start line healthy, well trained, happy and excited to race – without their support I would not be racing on May 5th, and it is largely because of them that I feel more ready than ever to race an Ironman.

NutriStart is a local supplement company that I am working closely with and want to thank them as well for helping keep me afloat and able to balance family life, training and work.  Thanks Jon.

All the companies that I am working with, including 3 new ones: The Tri Boutique (Canada’s best online triathlon store, for sure),Maison Orphee (amazing oils, mustards  and vinegars), and Pro Energy Towel (a great product that has many many uses for an triathlete), have continued to help me out this year with their products and services and I really appreciate all of the help I get from all of you: Synergy Health Centre, Trek Bicycle Store Victoria, TYR triathlon and swim gear, The Root Cellar (best place in Victoria to buy fresh and local veggies), and ISM Saddles (keeping me comfy on those long rides. . . . . and not doing damage to vital organs. . . I’m serious!).

So, with the help of all of the above mentioned, and a lot of hard work I am really looking forward to heading south to race Ironman St.George on May 5th.  The field, as with any race, is going to be strong and I hope to establish a little bit of a name for myself at this race by combining a solid effort in every discipline.  But my main goal for this race has been to develop a lot of bike strength through the training necessary for a bike course like this, now I want to go out on race day and test that bike strength and see how I can run afterwards.  I’m itching to crack a top 10 and see a sub 3hour marathon beside my name soon.

I hope everyone else that is training for a race or race season has had a great winter of training and enjoying starting to get ready to tackle their event(s).  Best wishes and best of luck to everyone out there!



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