Preparing for Heat and Humidity

Ironman Arizona usual offers fairly ideal conditions for racing – clear, dry, not too hot this time of year, nice pavement for the most part, etc.  Ironman Cozumel on the other hand is held on an island in the Caribbean Sea.  This means it will be hot and humid, and apparently it is almost guaranteed to have some killer winds trying to sweep you across the road.  Awesome.  But this requires a different preparation than for the dry heat of the Arizona Desert.

When I tell people I had a bad race in Penticton due to poor preparation for the heat they often look confused and ask “how could you possibly prepare for that heat while living in Victoria?”.  Well, it is a hard thing to do, but you can do it.  Same goes for Cozumel – it is hard to prepare for a race that happens to be about 2775 miles from where you live.

So, Saturday morning I spent three hours on my trainer up on the mezzanine of Crystal Pool (with no fan to cool me down, unfortunately / fortunately).  Let me tell you, it is hot and humid up there, I must have sweat out 3-4lbs of water, luckily I had was prepared for that to happen and had about 4L of water and energy drink ready.  Once I was done my ride, I hopped off and jumped onto a treadmill and dialed in 10 quick minutes at a touch faster than GRP.  I had unsatisfiable thirst for about 4 hours after the workout.  I felt tired, but the good tired – I felt and knew that I had done the right workout.

This type of preparation means that a good chunk of my workouts over the next week are going to be done inside Crystal Pool.  Check me out on Facebook for when I will be up there next, and if you happen to be at the pool that day I wouldn’t say no to an ice cold drink like Red Bull, eLoad, Nuun, or Coke if someone brought one by! haha!  I was dreaming of ice cold drinks for the last half of my workout, and boy did that mineral water taste good when I got my hands on some about an hour after my workout was done.

Here is a pic of me on my trainer in the house a few weeks ago, note my cheering squad in the high chair!

When it comes to preparing for a race you have to leave no stone unturned, otherwise you will suffer the consequences as I did in the Okanagan Valley this year.



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