Post IMSG 2012

It seems like just yesterday that I was doing battle in the fields northwest of St.George, Utah.  Time flies by when you have a busy life that includes a wonderful family, an awesome lifestyle and when you are in pursuit of excellence in a demanding sport.  Life is good.

Up next is the Shawnigan Lake 1/2 Iron this Sunday, May 27th.  This is a super fun race, and I find myself coming back year after year.  This year I am really, really looking forward to attacking the bike course.  Since it is 4 loops it is a great course to really keep yourself on pace.  Plus it is a pretty relentless bike route as well – it is just none stop rolling and that makes it more fun!

Shawnigan Lake and Victoria 1/2 Irons are races that I am using to measure my fitness en route to my focus for the 2012 season – the Revolution 3 Triathlon Series. I am very excited to be at the point where I am able to have a real focus for the year.  There are plenty of races in the Rev 3 Series and I plan on doing 5 of them, including my “A-Race” for the season, the Full Iron distance event in Sandusky, Ohio.

At this point, 16 days post Ironman St.George, I am starting to feel pretty much fully recovered and noticing my workouts are starting to feel the benefits of the race fitness gains.  It is a great feeling – to fly through a workout and feel really strong from start to finish.  Coach Noa has had to hold me back a bit in training to make sure we don’t do too much too soon after the race.  I trust her on this and just follow her guidelines.

I am sure taking advantage of the early morning daylight we have now, I saw only one person on a 90min run at Thetis / Galloping Goose Trail this past Sunday.  I did start at 5:40am though, but still, only 1 person!  I love early morning sessions.  I hope everyone else is getting out of bed and taking advantage of the early daylight hours, it only lasts for another month or so before the sun starts to move south again!

Check back soon for a post that I will be doing on the amazing company Maison Orphee that is sponsoring me with their industry leading products.

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