Planning the 2012 Race Season

When it comes to planning the 2012 race season there are a few important things that coach Noa and I are going to address.

1) The need for more total races on the schedule to gain more race experience.

2) Travel to races that will challenge my weaknesses so training focuses on those weaknesses.

3) Try new things – a) An early season Ironman  b)  Try new race courses.

4) Improving my balancing of family life and the pursuit of being a top long course triathlete.

Coach Noa and I know that these aren’t drastic changes, but it is the small things that make a difference.  In a sport like triathlon where gains are made incrementally, the best approach to improving is to simply get the training done.  I will be 30 years old this March and this year will see me training more and harder than ever before.  My wife is incredibly supportive in my career and I cannot thank her enough for this.

So what races am I thinking of doing?  Here is what it looks like so far.

May 5th – Ironman St.George.  Why?  Early season IM and very challenging bike course.

Maybe 27th – Shawnigan Lake.  Why?  It is a local race that gives me the opportunity to represent my local sponsors.  And I can do an Oly distance race to get firing again after a break post IMSG.

June 17th – Victoria International 1/2 Iron.  Why?  It is another local race that gives me more opportunity to represent my local sponsors.  AND I want to 3-peat my title there, and I will be aiming for some kind of course record at that race – maybe bike, maybe run, maybe finish time.  Aim for the stars.

July 1st – Great White North Triathlon 1/2 Iron.  Why?  This will give me a chance to represent my sponsor NutriStart since their product line is in stores across the county including Edmonton (Race is in Stony Plain just west of Edmonton).  Also it is a race I haven’t done yet, and it has good prize money for a race of it’s scale.

July 8th – Rev3 Portland.  TENTATIVE as it might interfere with prep for Ironman Mt.Tremblant.  Why?  It was a great race last year, and it gives me some Rev3 Points if I choose to race later in the season on their circuit (which I hope to do if all goes well).

August 19th – Ironman Mt.Tremblant.  Why?  It is a Canadian race and provides a course that I can prepare well for here in Victoria.  My family will get to visit relatives and friends who live in Ontario.

That is what my thoughts have brewed up so far as a race schedule.  It will likely change but in a perfect world I would do most of those races.

It is always fun to plan a season, and even more fun to get the training ramping back up.

Enjoy the Holidays!




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