Penticton 2013 – Inaugural Challenge Triathlon

First of all, I hope you find this site more aesthetically pleasing than my old one. I owe a big thank you to a great guy – @EsrahBoulton – for updating my website. Thanks man! It is a work in progress and I am very grateful that he could get it up and running for this race week.

I will keep this post quick as I will write a more detailed one soon. But I wanted to get a post up that is a bit more recent than March. Now that I have my website up I am hoping to keep the posts much more frequent.

I arrived in Penticton on Tuesday night, to an amazingly nice homestay. I swear I get lucky everywhere I go, because these people are so, so nice. They live quite close to the race site too.

I am very excited to be racing the Penticton course again, and have a new level of confidence under the guidance of my coach Jesse Kropelnicki of QT2 Systems – I feel good physically and the mental preparation has been going well now too.

Alright, dinner is ready so I will write more in a bit. Check back soon!


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