My Canadian Sponsors

We are lucky to live in a part of the world that allows us choices.  We can choose where to shop, what to eat and we get our hands on pretty much anything we want – we are lucky.  I was out running the other day and I was thinking about all the local and Canadian companies that help me out with product, getting to races and other support.  So I wanted to take the time now to mention them and thank them.

NUTRITSTART – the Victoria based supplement company that makes industry leading products which I thrive off of.  Thanks for everything so far Jon. – the best source for online purchasing in Canada.  They have pretty much everything you could want, and would be more than happy to source out something they may not have. Great service, and fast delivery. Oh yeah, and super nice people!

SYNERGY WELLNESS CENTRE – Amazing group of practitioners, everything from top notch Chiros with amazing hands for Active Release Therapy (ART) to Naturopathic doctors.  I get treated at least twice a week from Dr.Grimes and Dr.Salmon.

TREK BIKE STORE VICTORIA – The coolest bike store gang in town! Bill keeps me on industry leading bikes and the boys in the back keep me rollin smoothly.  Trek Speed Concept baby, fast, fast machine!

MAISON ORPHEE – Quebec based company offering the highest quality in food oils, with a specialty in the one and only olive oil! Once you taste the quality you can’t go back. Thank you so much for keeping the good oils going into my body!

THE ROOT CELLAR – The one and only, super fresh produce store.  These guys also bring in the tastiest, locally produced, breads and meats. Not canned beans here, only fresh fresh fresh!

All of the just mentioned companies and groups of people make amazing products and offer great services.  I am lucky to be associated with them all and without their help I wouldn’t be able to train and race as I do.  So, thank you all so much for your support!

Check back soon for an update regarding my upcoming race this weekend – The Victoria International 1/2 Iron at Elk Lake!


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