Monday Morning Long Run

I have really been enjoying this off season.  Not having a structured training schedule has allowed me to spend more time with my wife and work more.  It has also allowed me to do things like get up on a Monday morning and decide to to a Long Run instead of a swim.

This morning I took the bus to Mt.Doug, stashed my backpack, hit the trails for 90minutes, recovered my backpack and jogged down to Peninsula Runners to start work at 10:00.  So that means I was running around Mt.Doug just as it was getting light enough to run safely and catch some sunrise colors in the morning sky.

Needless to say, it was an amazing run out there and I enjoyed the sense of freedom I had in the sense that I could run any hill I wanted at as hard a pace I wanted, and I could sprint through the flat sections under the trees; I could also lightly bounce my way down the hills, and tip toe around (or over) puddles in mid stride.

My legs felt strong out there and that is certainly a direct result of thrashing them at the Stewart Mountain 10miler nine days ago (and of course the last year of solid, consistent training).

Happy Trails!


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