Mens Night at Trek Bicycle Store Victoria

Last night (Saturday the 24th) the boys at Trek Pro City held one of their Mens Nights.  This is a customer appreciation evening that is put on by the staff there.  There is really only one objective for these evenings – to socialize with a bunch of fellow bike riders and have some fun.

So what is “fun” then in this case?  Well last night there was beverages for all, a bike power competition, some tasty snacks and a whole pig done on a rotisserie over charcoals.  Yep you read that right, they had a whole pig cooking for hours on a rotisserie spit, over hot hot coals.  Needless to say, our curly tailed friend was the highlight of the night.  The meat was so moist and the roasted layers of fat were tasty beyond description.  Bacon in large quantities, too much pork, nitrate filled sausages – these might not be the healthiest of pig meat options but no one can tell me that a spit roasted pig isn’t healthful food to consume.  It was simply delectable.  I ate my share and then made the 40min bike ride home . . . . not the ideal food for a bike ride but I didn’t care, there was no way I was missing out on that pig, haha!

Big thanks to all the guys at Trek Pro City Bicycle Store Victoria.

– Adam




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