Lightweight Gear Review #1 – Newton Distancia

I have to start this recurring post topic with my favorite product – the Newton Distancia.

This is the racer version of the neutral shoes in the Newton Running lineup.  If you are not familiar with Newton Running Shoes and you are interested in finding a shoe that will work well with a more natural running technique then these shoes are certainly worth checking out. Come in to Peninsula Runners (either location and try them out on our treadmills).

I have been using Newtons as my primary training and racing shoes for over 2 years now and I love them.  I feel they are very complimentary to a natural running stride.  What is a natural running stride?  I am sure there are many opions on the topic but here is my definition of a natural running stride – your foot lands under your centre of gravity and likely on the mid-foot, but for some the heel or forefoot might be the first to touch.  So why are the Newtons conducive to this type of foot strike?  Here are a few key points:

1) The heel height is much lower than traditional shoes (the drop from heel to toe height is about half of what most regular trainers are).

2) They are very durable in the areas where a runner should be – under the metatarsals (forefoot) .

3) The Trainer Versions (Gravity and Motus) are lighter than most traditional trainers.

4) The upper materials are lightweight, comfortable and highly breathable.

The Springtime is a great time to test out new products.  As you start to add more workouts during this period of training you can safely try new products on shorter sessions.

As I mentioned early, I love the shoes and feel that most runners and triathletes can benefit from trying them.  They won’t work for everyone but I can tell you that we at Peninsula Runners have had a success / satisfaction rate of at least 95% in the 2 years we have been selling them.



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