Life Is Good.

I love the sport of triathlon.  When I am doing a workout (most of them) it is something I enjoy.  I enjoy the feeling of exercising, I enjoy the discomfort that is associated with hard workouts, I enjoy the feeling of completing a workout as it was meant to be executed.  I enjoy Triathlon.

Since the new year training has gone really well.  I have been very consistent and couldn’t have done that without the support of my wife and mother.  My wife is just an amazing mother to our son, and she makes a lot of sacrifices so I can get out and do my training every day.  My mom has been, well. . . I don’ t know what we would have done / would be doing with her help.  Thank you Mom.  And thank you Mari.

My supporters have all been fantastic as well.  Especially my newest sponsor NutriStart.  I have been thriving off their products and our relationship is great, plus it is just the beginning!  Thanks Jon.

Recently I got some help from the Tri Boutique – the are Canadas leading online triathlon dealer.  They have fantastic cusomter services and everything you could need/want.  Be sure to head over to their site and check things out – Thanks for the help guys, can’t wait for Rev3 Cedar Point Full Iron!

Ironman St.George is slowly creeping up on the calendar (May 5th), and I am very happy with how the training is going leading up.  I know this is going to be a challenging race for me – the bike course is hard.  But that is how I want it to be – hard.  The best races are the races that you push the hardest.  I have said to people that “having a bad Ironman is painful, but having a good Ironman is even more painful” and that is becasue you can push your body to the limits when your having a good race.

I needed to write this blog entry because the response and support I have been getting from companies this year is better than ever and I know that without everyones help I couldn’t do what I do. 

So that is a quick update with some more thoughtful text than Facebook and Twitter posts.

Train hard, be safe!



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