Lets Talk: Generation UCAN

So, do energy products really work? The general answer is a definitive yes. Simple carbohydrates will provide the body with an easily accessible source of energy.

Now, are simple carbohydrates good or bad? This is another general question that gets thrown around in the world of nutrition. The answer is obviously quite complicated but the answer for athletes, especially endurance athletes is another definitive yes.

Next thing to consider: what are the best carbohydrate sources for athletes? Again this is an extremely loaded question but lets just say I believe that macronutrient ratios need to be relative to your activity levels. So if you train 6 hours a week you don’t need as many carbohydrates as someone who trains 25 hours a week.

Who trains more than 6 hours a week anyway? Well lots of people do and those people are everyone from body builders to hockey players to triathletes. I am in preparation for Ironman Cozumel on December 1st and I just finished putting in a 2 week total of around 60 hours.

I won’t (and cant possibly in this short blog) get into the details of my nutrition for a block of training like this but I do want to talk about my pre, during and post workout fueling. Enter Generation UCAN.


I have been a Generation UCAN ambassador athlete since early this year and have had amazing results with the product, simply amazing. But it wasn’t until I ran out of it and took about 3 weeks to get restocked that I was really reminded of how effective this Super Starch is. Just before my this last 2 week block my Generation UCAN arrived. In the next few days of training I could simply feel the energy and strength flowing through me and into every stroke, pedal and stride. I was strong as hell at the end of my long and/or hard workouts and it was distinctly different than the previous weeks when I was back on solely using Maltodextrin, Dextrose and other simple sugar products.

Since the day I began using Generation UCAN I have been a firm believer that it works. It does what it says and the science is there to back it up. But can you ever notice a difference when you are left without something that is so powerful and then you get it back and are reminded of how things used to (and should) be.

Longer lasting energy? Yes. Easily digest and no GI Issues? Yes. Improved body composition? Yes. These are just a few things you will notice about Generation UCAN once you try it out.

Train hard, recover well and enjoy the ride.


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