Late Season Training

It was a wet run this morning.  I was layered well but it didn’t take long to get cold.  When you are getting ready for a late season Ironman you just don’t have as much “layering” of your own to battle the elements with.  I finished off the run and with it ended my recovery week of light training.

I really enjoyed / needed this break  – I went quite light this week with the training and I battled the heavy fatigue that comes with or just before the start of the taper.  Because of how tired my body was all week I know that I have trained hard and smart.  With only three weeks until my A-Race of the 2011 season I can safely say that I have trained as hard as possible for this race and I am excited to start to sharpen up with some intensity during the taper.

At this time of year I like having something exciting like a race to look forward too, it gets me out the door in a flash even in the dreariest of weather.  In fact one of my most memorable training days of the season was a wet, cold and windy Monday morning, I did repeats up John Dean Park on my bike – it was an epic workout.   By the 3rd time coming back down to East Saanich Rd the rain was stinging my face numb.  It’s training days like those that you get to reflect back on when it gets tough during a race.

Overall I do enjoy ending the season later in the year – it makes all of December (the coldest rainiest month of the year) the off season and that means I don’t have to pass up on all the good eats and drinks during the holiday season.  But as for right now the energy and focus is all on Ironman Arizona on Nov.20th.





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