Keeping the Body Strong

As my training gets more and more demanding leading up to Ironman Arizona I need to do everything I can to stay healthy and consistent with my training.

I keep my body functional and in good working order by:

1) Getting lots of chiropractic work (deep muscle ART and adjustments) from my team at Synergy Health Management

2) Doing self massage with Trigger Point Therapy tools

3) Doing traditional stretching – static stretching post exercise

I keep my immune system, and energy levels high by:

1) Eating 90+% of my foods as whole, mostly locally grown or raised, fresh foods.  (Green leafy vegetables at the top of the list as well as grass fed beef and sweet potatoes).

2) Taking high quality supplements – NutriStart brand have everything you need (local brand).

3) Getting quality sleep – not always optimal amount of hours with a 6 month old and full time work hours between a couple jobs – but good quality.

I keep my body strong by:

1) Properly planning and executing each workout

2) Resting or going easy when I need to

3) Making core and strength work a must do part of my training

As I lead up to Ironman Arizona I am pushing my body to limits that I might not have touched yet.  And I can feel my body trying to come apart at the seams.  Aches here, fatigue there . . . . . and I am really learning when to push through it and when to call it a day and go home.  Almost always the decision is to push through – that is how you get stronger.  But without meticulous attention to the things I mentioned above I know I wouldn’t be able to be as consistent with my training.  The little things do make the difference, especially in this sport of incremental gains.

On that note, time for bed.


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