Journey to becoming a CSNA

Every spare minute I have these days is dedicated to studying and working my way through the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) course that I am taking.  This course is incredibly comprehensive and uses a very holistic approach to educating it’s students on sports nutrition.  The information I am gaining from it is literally life changing.

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I love triathlon and I love nutrition.  My son and wife are the greatest things in my life and I love knowing that I am helping them live healthier lives through providing them with proper nutrition.  As a coach once told me – “I eat, sleep and breath this sh*t”. . . .  perhaps there was other words that cold have been used instead of the last one in the sentence, but the way this coach said it and used that word made the statement so much more powerful.

As a CSNA I will have an accreditation and begin to work with active people and athletes to help them optimize their diet and supplement approaches in a manner that will always focus on 3 things: 1) Current health, 2) Athletic performance, 3) Long term health.

I have been a student of nutrition for almost 15 years now, studying different approaches and methodologies, trying them on myself, watching how different things affect my performance and overall health, learning from anyone and everyone I meet, and whether I new it or not I was always seeking the optimal dietary approach for me as an individual.

A personalized approach is the basic principal and at the heart of my ethos as CSNA – every person is unique and their dietary needs as just as unique.  For example, my wife and I are polar opposites when it comes to certain things regarding diet – she does not get mucus discharge from regular dairy consumption (Blood type B), I need to eat more frequently through the day and emphasize protein intake (Endomorph).  Max our 4 year old son?  Well hard to tell so far, but he tells us when he really doesn’t like something (cantaloupe fruit).  For now we just feed him a ton of vegetables and fruit and high quality proteins and fats, and I will watch him closely as he grows and help him figure out which foods he thrives on.

The CSNA course is also helping me become a better athlete on many levels and I look forward to applying this new power to my racing in the second half of this season.  Check back sometime soon for an update on my training and racing.

And if you are in the Victoria are come out to this seminar if you are free!

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Planet O Seminar Poster



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