“It’s all up top, it’s all in your head. . . . “

I heard a quote from Ironman legend Cameron Brown a long time ago, he said “It’s all up top, it’s all in your head, if you can do an Ironman you can do anything”.  I like the expression because triathlon really is a sport that you have to apply a lot of mental fortitude.   Just to get the training done you need to dedicate a lot of time and focus.  But then if you want to get the training done really well, and race fast, you have to really really focus on each workout, especially the hard ones.

The last 7 days saw me  complete my biggest week of cycling in my build up to IMAZ and it ended with a middle distance ride with a long Time Trial (TT) effort as the majority of the workout.  It was a daunting workout to wake up to, and I had never done anything exactly like it outside a race.  I got on my trainer and knew I would have to focus hard to complete it properly.

Within 20min of starting the Time Trial I knew my body was ready for it, and from there it was going to be all up top, all in my head, to focus and get it done.

I completed the workout exactly how I had planned and hopped off for a long (ish) brick, 50min @ an average pace 10-15sec/mi faster than GRP.  I nailed that too and felt smooth while doing it.  Perfect.

The body is capable of so much if you treat it properly and listen to it, and with mental fortitude and focus you can often surprise yourself with what you can do.

I am very excited to attack my last long, hard run tomorrow.  I am even more excited to race in 4 week in Tempe, Arizona.  I can’t wait to get out on the race course and test my fitness AND mental fortitude.  The disappointment of Ironman Canada 2011 will never fully go away, but I am sure over it and ready to race hard and smart at Ironman Arizona.  Am I ready for the heat in Arizona?  Damn straight I am.  Plus, the heat in Phoenix at this time of year is much more predictable and not as hot as Penticton.


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