Ironman Cozumel – What a Race!

The island of Cozumel is stunning.  I had a great experience while there.  The people of the island and the race organizers put on a top notch race.  The community support leading up to the race, on race day, and during the days following was amazing.

On race day I had an OK race, not great, but certainly not bad.  I am satisfied with my overall effort because I had great focus during the race and pushed hard all day.  My time was not as fast as what I aspire for, but crossing the finishing line was magical and I was all smiles.

The swim didn’t pan out as well as it usually does for me, I lost a group and was caught in no mans land.  I swam steady and got out ready to roll.

Onto the bike and I had a few issues unfortunately.  My left leg was going numb within 10minutes of starting the ride.  I struggled with my position trying to alleviate the numbness (which of course equates to lack of power in the leg).  I finally figured out that it was my race suit (a one piece) that was pinching something in the hip region.  I figured this out because I got almost immediate relief by tugging the neck of the suit and then the body of the suit down so I had excess material in the hip area.  Once I got this figured out I settled in and put in a really good effort on the bike.  Although my time was well off pace, this was the strongest I have ever felt in the back half of an Ironman ride.  Bike course?  Windy, hot, windy, flat, windy, fun, windy. Ha

I started the run and knew that my tank was not quite full starting the marathon.  I set out at a reasonable pace, and ticked off the first 10K in 40min, this was good, but I knew I had worked hard for that time.  I focused on turnover and form for the middle of the race and getting in as much nutrition and hydration as possible.  By the third and final loop of the run I was in a good bit of pain from a muscular standpoint – my legs were telling me they were fully aware that I was doing an Ironman.  Also, funny side note here, on the run we got a tropical downpour and were literally running through water up to our knees in one spot!  The streets were quite wet for about 45min, it did drain off and dry up pretty well though.

When I crossed the finish line I experienced some physical discomforts I have never felt before . . . . I was in rough shape.  But a with the help of a very nice finish line medic, a slice of pizza and 3 cups of chicken soup broth I came around relatively quick (perhaps I was lacking electrolytes  . . . . . maybe I could have used another 1000mg of sodium or so .  . .. ).  I then got an amazing massage in the massage tent (from a real RMT- bonus!).

The finish line crowd is crazy there, the last 2-3K of the run on each loop is “a breeze” with so many people cheering you on.  This is so helpful in a race of this distance.  Thank you to all the volunteers and people out there supporting us on race day.

I am enjoying the down time now and patiently waiting for my legs to return to normal shape – they are still noticeably swollen in some areas (6 days removed from the race, wow).



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