Ironman Chattanooga Sept.27

My race season is focused on 2 events – Ironman Chattanooga on Sept.27 & Ironman Arizona in mid November. Chattanooga is less than 6 weeks away now and I things are on track for sure.  The sport of triathlon is incredible in how it demands you continuously evolve and adapt your training in order to improve.  This season has been no different and I have learned a great deal about how to best formulate my training plan.  Some of the keys I have found are working for me in preparation for this Ironman event are:


-high intensity sets fairly infrequently

-strict focus on technique unless going all out

-with the help of  a pull-buoy I can knock of high volume sets when my body is tired

-cut the workout short if the times are horrible (you can’t muscle through the water)



-quality over quantity

-I am been mentored on the bike and this has helped me greatly with my bike position and pedalling technique

-easy spins cap at 75-90min

-long rides (without specific race sets) are best done by feel and without any metrics to look at

-I can often include a 45-60min set of Ironman Race Pace as an extra set in a workout and still recover well



-hill training = big gains for me

-I must hold back from running too frequently

-the treadmill is my friend (it always has been, but I am using it a bit more frequently again)



-becoming a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor has helped me a great deal with my own recovery and performance

-historically I have had my best races with some very specific nutrition products and I have gone back to those and feel fantastic

-the post workout smoothie (properly formulated for the individual and the demands of the workout) is possibly the most important part of an endurance athletes approach to nutrition


So with just under six weeks until race day I am currently in a big training block.  My wife and son have left town for 8 days and this means I have plugged myself into an 8-day solo training camp right here at home in Victoria.  And although I am enjoying and will continue to enjoy this focused training period I miss my family and look forward to seeing them again soon.

In the near future I will be offering my Nutrition Advising services at Synergy Health Centre – the home of Dr.Jamie Grimes who is a long time supporter of my journey as an athlete.  I look forward to helping others formulate nutritional approaches that will increase their performance and help ensure long term health.


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