Ironman Arizona 2012

This was my third time doing Ironman Arizona and I had a solid day out there.

First thing to do it to always look at the positives.  So . . .

SWIM: A Personal Best Time of 52:47.  I did exactly what I trained to do and planned to do.  Line up on the left side, start hard and in no way let those feet get away from me.  I got onto a good group and had to work hard to keep with them for the whole swim.  In my mental preparation in the days leading up to the race I had seen a 52 minute and something seconds on the clock coming out of the water and I was pumped to see that happen on race day.

BIKE: Hard to believe by this bike time was exactly (to the second) the same as the Rev3 Full Iron I did in Sept. 4:43:15. So not quite a Personal Best, but not any slower!  The legs started out quite tight and they didn’t come under me until probably about 30-40k into the ride.  But that was fine, I was still pushing a decent pace.  I rode the entire ride by myself pretty much and look forward to the near future when I can get closer to the front pack and work with a group.

RUN: Still didn’t break 3hours. Dissapointed with that.  I started the run more conservatively, as was plan and I went through the first half in just over 1:24:00, that was the plan and I stuck to it.  I had a rough patch from about kms 25-35, but rallied really well and finished strong in the last ~8k. I was really happy with how I came around and finished strong and held good form.


Yesterday was a tough day. Not tough like “oh it was horrible, this and this and this happened” tough because it was an Ironman.  I gave my best effort on the day and the outcome was a result of what I am able to put into my training at this point.  The balance between training, work and family life is delicate and the reality is I am simply not able to train as much as most of my competitors, yet.

I love this sport. I love pushing myself and I love seeing improvement.  Even though the improvements aren’t coming as quickly as I want I do the best with the time I have.

There is no way to explain the excitement I feel leading up to a race of the feeling of elation at the finish line.  But I can tell you it is absolutely priceless.

Lastly, I want to thank my support team. First is my wife (and son) for their never ending understanding, time and patience while I get my training done.  And how my wife is left to care single handily for our son 3 or 4 times a year as I go away for races. My Mom helps us so much and I don’t often thank her enough for everything she does for our family. Thank you Mom!

My employer and sponsor, NutriStart provides me with an amazing, flexible working relationship and all the product I need to maintain optimal health. Thanks Jon!

All the people on the right side of this webpage help me out in many unique ways and I wish I could do more to thank them.

Here is a cool pic Kimberly (my friend and homestay) was able to snap of me while she was volunteering on the run course.

Check out my facebook page for lots of videos from race week.



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