How do you commute?

There are lots of ways to commute to work or wherever it is you have to go.  Traditional methods like driving/carpooling, taking the bus and cycling are all good options. .  .. .but what about running?  Sure, why not?  That’s how I have been getting to and from work on Fridays for the last month.  I am working downtown at the new Peninsula Runners most Fridays and it makes for a great time efficient workout(s).  I run to and from which totals about 20km and I get a 4 hour (my shift length) recovery period between runs.  It happens to be on rolling terrain and there are many routes I can take with some being more hilly than others.  Perfect!

I opted for a more hilly route today – along Glanford Ave. (I live out by Commonwealth Place).  Here are a few sights along the way.

Saanich Commonwealth Place

And then ..  . . .

The ghastly looking Uptown Plaza . . . Did we really need this shopping mall?

And then . . . .

Too bad it wasn't this sunny this morning.

I think I will take the same route home.  It is always interesting to see a training route in reverse, especially soon after doing it the first time.  Plus it will provide more variety from the last couple weeks of taking similar routes.

All you need to run commute comfortably is a backpack that is relatively light, highly adjustable, and big enough to carry some dry clothes and enough food to sustain you until you get home!

Happy Training,


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