How and Why I Use Purica Products

Take a quick look at my Sponsors/Supporters page and you will see a company called Purica.  If you are not familiar with their products then you should spend some time on their website.  I had been building a relationship with this company for a while and then in May the opportunity presented itself for me to become part of their team.  I represent them as an athlete and a face out in the Victoria community doing demos at local health foods stores and some Thrifty Foods locations.


I approached Purica because I was very keen on their products, in particular their Recovery (Extra Strength) and Cordyceps.  I knew their quality was unsurpassed and their results speak for themselves.

I do use many of their products quite extensively now and wanted to share how and why I use them.  As an elite level athlete I certainly use higher quantities than the average person, here is an example of what I used during a heavy day of training last week.  Note: last week was a 29 hour training week and the end of a serious block of training leading up to my first race of the season – Challenge Atlantic City.

WEDNESDAY: (This was a very big day of training)

5:30am – Codyceps x 3 caps, Immune 7 x 2 caps

6:00am – 2500m Swim

7:00am – Post workout drink on drive home from Pool: 4:1 Carb/Protein mix with 1 tsp Recovery

7:15am – Immune 7, Cordyceps and Chaga x 2 caps each

7:30am – Small breakfast

8:30am-12:00pm – 3.5 hour bike workout

12:15pm – Post workout drink 4:1 Carb/Protein mix with 1 tsp Recovery (almost always the same after each workout)

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Lions Mane and Red Reishi x 2 caps each

2:30pm – Cordyceps x 4 caps

2:45pm-4:45pm – 2.0 hour bike workout

4:45-5:30pm – 45min Run workout (picked up my 3 year old from day care with the running stroller – Chariot Cheetah)

5:30pm – Post workout drink 4:1 Carb/Protein mix with 1 tsp Recovery

5:45pm – Immune 7 and Chaga x 3 caps each

6:30pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Dessert

This may seem like a lot of mushrooms and Recovery, but for the stress level on the day and the  accumulated stress level over the previous weeks of training I felt I needed to have a continuous supply coming into my system.  It is impossible to keep up with the physical stress that I put my  through with training, but keeping my adrenal system (Cordyceps), immune system (Immune 7), antioxidants (Chaga), and muscular health (Recovery) as strong as possible is absolutely critical to me performing well day in and day out.  My consumption of each product does vary from day to day, I usually listen to my body and it tells me what I need more or less of.

Every year I progress as an athlete, and that means I am consistently able to handle larger and more intense workloads.  Since beginning to use the Purica products on a daily basis I have felt a genuine and truly enhanced ability to handle the training on both a physical and mental level. Because I am very aware of my body I feel I can notice these subtle changes – it is not as if I wake each morning like a spring chicken, but over the course of each training block (3-5 weeks) I am able to maintain the quality in each session and better achieve the workout goals; and this is very important at the level I am competing at. I simply must find an edge over my competitors wherever and whenever possible.

Nutrition in general is a passion of mine and I am very careful about what goes in my body on a regular basis.  But I also try to be well balanced and enjoy some treats with my family when the time is right. I always say to people “I won’t say no to Grandmas apple pie”.

Not only do I feel good physically and mentally from the Purica products but I also feel good spiritually.  Spiritually in the sense that I am representing and working with an amazing, family owned, Vancouver Island, company that offers industry leading products.

I sleep better at night for a variety of reasons now.



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