10 Years

Ten years - that is how long I have been training and racing at an elite level.  That image header is me 8 years ago in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.  There has only been two times in that long period when was I not training regularly and those where both forced breaks due to surgery -

Shawnigan Lake Triathlon & Skechers Shoe Review

First things first.  For those of you that missed it, Brent McMahon a fellow Canadian and LifeSport athlete absolutely crushed the field at Ironman Brasil by going 7:46:10!!!!! What an incredible performance from an incredibly nice and humble guy.  I asked his permission to put that photo up as my

Balancing Family and Triathlon at the Professional Level

As an elite level athlete I train a lot and I train hard – this is the path I chose and my passion for triathlon runs deep. This sport has been the focal point of my life for 8 years now, and until I met my wife and started a family I lived in my own little world. This year marks my 6th season of

Staying Bulletproof in the Off Season

Having decided that I am now in my off season I alter certain aspect of my daily life, but I certainly still try to stay Bulletproof (BP). (more…)

Sleep – The King of Recovery

For many years I have been seeking to improve my performance and overall health through maximizing my nutrition. I have also been very regular with active recovery techniques (more…)

Focus: Where To Apply It

[av_dropcap1]M[/av_dropcap1] arch 13th, 2014 broke my elbow. A clean, 3cm fracture of the olecranon . Not the best type of injury to have when you are a triathlete. But time is a valuable thing and what we focus on at any given time can have a huge effect on ou

Cooking with my Kid – Coconut Flour Muffins

In our house we prepare almost all our meals with whole food ingredients.  And when I get the chance to prepare something with my 3 year old son I jump on the opportunity (more…)

My 6 Tenets of Nutrition

MY 6 TENETS FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH 1) Eat a Vegetable Based Diet 2) Incorporate a Variety of Healthy Fats 3) Source out Clean Proteins 4) Maintain Healthy Gut Flora 5) Limit Sugar Consumption 6) Choose High Quality Supplements Those are the 6 essential things that I have found work for optimizing my hea

Bulletproof Macaroons

I wanted to make a batch of a snack food that was delicious and very healthy.  And of course is needed to be satisfying in both nutrient content and flavours and texture. (more…)