Celebrating your successes – GWN Triathlon

One of my idols – a retired Canadian triathlete named Peter Reid – has said on record that one of, if not the biggest regret he has of his racing career is how he didn’t take the time to celebrate his successes.  He was so focused on the

1st out of water in the Aquasphere Phantom

next race and how he could improve that he failed to see how great most of his accomplishments were.  This past weekend I raced the Great White North Triathlon just outside of Edmonton.  It is an iconic Canadian triathlon and I am excited to have made it onto the podium in 3rd place..

The race didn’t go exceptionally well.  A method of storing my nutrition (simple carbohydrates) that has served me well for years failed me that day.  Long story short I ended up going with only about 50 calories and 200mg of sodium for about the first hour of racing which is far from ideal.  This came back to bite me of course and it really reared its ugly head when, after 90km of riding, in the bike to run transition both my quadriceps cramped up putting me in debilitating pain.  This was a big problem and I was completely immobile for a few minutes.

Pushing the pedals starting lap 1

Once I was able to get my shoes on I began my slog through the 21.1km run course.  I was tenderly jogging at first but after getting in some more calories and sodium I was able to run, albeit slowly.  I said to myself “I must soldier on and do my best or else I won’t be able to truthfully tell Max that I did my best”.  Max is my 6 year old son and I am fully aware that at his age I am still his greatest hero, and it is my #1 job to be a good example to him.  And just to be fair to the other 2 members of my family I was certainly thinking of my wife and 10 week old daughter out there when I needed motivation!

Finishing on the podium is great.  Winning money is great.  But crossing a finish line knowing you really did your best given the cards you were dealt is a feeling that cannot be explained and can only be known through experience.  In years past, after races like this, my thoughts would have

Legs in shambles starting the run…..keep moving forward

been negative at the finish line.  I would have dwelled on all the things that went wrong.  I know what went wrong and I will do my best to not let it happen again.  At the start of this racing season I committed to being in a positive state of mind after every race by finding joy in what was accomplished on the day.  Today I finished a tough race, came out with a small paycheck and enjoyed conversation, food and a beer with friends and other competitors – which makes it a great day!  I claimed a nice little bonus cheque for fastest swim on the day and third place is not too shabby at all, plus the beer tasted so good after 4 hours of racing.


Hats off to Nathan Killam and Shawn Wilyman for 1st and 2nd respectively.

I can’t wait to go home and see my family and I am excited to tell Max and my wife about the race and explain to him how it was very challenging but I did my best and I ended up with a good result.

Life is short and I believe that it is important to take the time to celebrate successes, be they small or big.  Sports, academics, music, work goals, financial goals, it doesn’t matter wherein the success was, just be sure to allow yourself to feel good about.  Because feeling good feels good!  It may seem too simple to be true, but all you have to do is change your frame of mind.  Try it……

Finally, here is a shout out to the group of people who support me on this journey.

Purica – my employer and amazing company who has been helping people live healthier, happier lives through offering top quality nutraceuticals for over 17 years.

Skechers Performance Shoe – simply put, they have now officially arrived as a premier performance running shoe company.  Their 2017 line is amazing with my favourites being the GOmeb Speed 4 and GOrun 5 models.

Aquasphere – Long standing, amazing wetsuit company.  The Phantom has been getting me out near the front for the last 2 years.  Definitely helped give me the edge for fastest swim on the day at the GWN.  Their goggles has long been leaders in the industry and they somehow continue to improve on these.

Synergy Health Centre – Dr. Jamie Grimes, Dr. Carrie Atwall and the entire team at Synergy are simply amazing.  They keep me tuned up, injury free and act as a critical sounding board for my physiologically oriented questions and concerns.  Can’t even express how necessary it is to have a team like this is you want to push your body.

Lifestyle Markets – For all your supplement needs and all things non-GMO and organic.  Not to mention the staff are all so passionate about health and the overall vibe of the store is just amazing.

Frontrunners – The place in Victoria for all things running shoes!

The Root Cellar – Victoria’s produce specialty store with a whole lot more!

Enjoy the journey,


1st: Nathan Killam / 2nd: Shawn Wilyman / 3rd: Me

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