Goodlife Fitness Marathon – 2:44:19 – I’ll take it

I always joke that “the Ironman is a beast” . . . . . but it’s not really a joke and neither is an open marathon.  Post Ironman Chattanooga I spent a great deal of time working on getting my right hip region back to full functionality.  I ran 3 times in the 2 weeks between Chattanooga and the Goodlife Fitness Marathon (here in Victoria), the last of those runs was 4 days out from the Marathon and I was happy with how that run went in general but there was substantial tightness in the right side still.  By Saturday morning I felt quite certain I could complete the Marathon with a respectable effort.

Fast forward to race morning and I was up 3 hours before race start for a 20min jog to get the body moving, I felt good during this run.  I started my race warm up about 20min before the gun would go off and I including quite a bit of dynamic stretching to help with getting that right hip ready.


Trying my best to smile. . . . . I think

I knew from my training leading up to Ironman Chattanooga that I would be able to hold a 3:45-3:50/km pace for the distance.  I was able to do just that for the first 27-28km and I felt very controlled with a perceived effort that felt I could sustain for the duration of the race. It was right around the 27-28km mark where the familiar tightness and discomfort from 2 weeks prior crept back in.  By about 34km it was about trying to modify my stride to accommodate the tightness (and resulting imbalanced stride) that I was dealing with.  I shortened my stride and just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

It was nice to see that my pace wasn’t dropping of drastically and was still hovering around the 4:05/km. The picture at right is a great one as it shows my determination to try and smile while my body is under serious duress.  On my race entry I put 2:45:00 for my predicted time and I was pretty damn close at 2:44:19.  As I mentioned above, I knew from training I cold hold a quicker pace but I was also not going to kid myself and believe that the right hamstring wasn’t going to affect the later part of this race.  Crossing the finish line is always a fantastic feeling and this day was no different.

Race Bibs

Race Bibs for Mari, Max, Eric and me

One of the reasons I decided to do this race was so to be part of an event that I could so with my family.  My brother was visiting from out of country, he and my wife were running the 8k and my son was running the 1k so I would have felt left out if I hadn’t participate! Plus I can’t forget my Mom who was out supporting and cheering all day!  After the race we go started on our Thanksgiving dinner and it ended up being fantastic, we kept it simple and didn’t overdo it but made some really awesome dishes.  The beer and wine went down well after a marathon effort and I enjoyed a very large portion of my wife’s apple crumble – she has it mastered.

Now I am resetting and enjoying an off-season.  The focus is on getting a new TT frame and getting ready to offer my Sports Nutrition Consulting services a couple days a week at a local clinic.  I have approached my old coach Noa Deutsch and I will working with her again moving forward with my A-Race for 2016 the ITU Long Course Worlds in Oklahoma City in September.  We will put in a big focus on my cycling this winter and I am very much looking forward to getting back onto a proper frame in a proper position and watching my power numbers get back to where they should be.

Congratulations to everyone that was out participating the the Goodlife Fitness Marathon events.  Special congrats to Nick Walker for winning the 8k race!


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