Food, Diet and Nutrition

“What Do You Eat In A Day Adam?”

That was a question I was asked recently when I was speaking in front of the Westshore Triathlon Club.  Thank you to Kirk and Steph for providing the platform for me to share my thoughts and experiences.  I focused my talk on 2 topics: (more…)

Eggs and Sweet Potatoes – Easy Breakfast

[av_dropcap1]E[/av_dropcap1] ggs and Sweet Potatoes is what Max and I had for breakfast the other day.  Delicious and nutritious for sure.  But back up a bit to 5:45am and the day started with a nice run workout. Jumped out of bed, brewed up a cup o' joe with Upgraded Coffee Beans, washed down 2

Staying Bulletproof in the Off Season

Having decided that I am now in my off season I alter certain aspect of my daily life, but I certainly still try to stay Bulletproof (BP). (more…)

Sample of 24hrs of eating Bulletproof

Earlier this week I started this blog post. I meant to post it immediately but didn't get around to it, the timing of when I post this isn't nearly as important as the timing of the macronutrient ratios of my food intake in this record. Have a read. Last night when we were having our little family C

Cooking with my Kid – Coconut Flour Muffins

In our house we prepare almost all our meals with whole food ingredients.  And when I get the chance to prepare something with my 3 year old son I jump on the opportunity (more…)

My 6 Tenets of Nutrition

MY 6 TENETS FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH 1) Eat a Vegetable Based Diet 2) Incorporate a Variety of Healthy Fats 3) Source out Clean Proteins 4) Maintain Healthy Gut Flora 5) Limit Sugar Consumption 6) Choose High Quality Supplements Those are the 6 essential things that I have found work for optimizing my hea

Bulletproof Macaroons

I wanted to make a batch of a snack food that was delicious and very healthy.  And of course is needed to be satisfying in both nutrient content and flavours and texture. (more…)

Bulletproof Coffee

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a passion for eating healthy.  I love learning about ways to improve my diet and therefore overall health and performance as an athlete.  Bulletproof Coffee came onto my radar, I locked on and and have never looked back since.  It is an incredible way to co