Family Camping and Revolution 3 Iron Distance Prep

The Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the long weekend was spent doing something my wife and I really wanted to do this summer with our 16 month old son – camping.  We were extremely lucky and got in on a cancellation at Rathtrevor Park.  For those that don’t know anything about this park it is located just south of Parksville and it is an absolutely breath taking place.  It is not back country camping, but it gives you (and even more your children) a very authentic taste of our beautiful outer west coast.  It is an ideal place for families with kids to go.

Rathtrevor beach and my family!

My wife and I (and Max) literally had the time of our lives there over the 3 days.  Watching Max play and explore in this incredibly stimulating environment was priceless.  You could see he was just a sponge soaking up so many new things as he played with sticks, rocks, seaweed, sand dollars, crabs, etc., and watched the wild animals And we have never seen him smile and scream with joy more than he did for over an hour at the public water park.

Water park Fun!

Cooking sausages and burgers over the campfire and having a few beers was just icing on the cake.

I enjoyed the time so much and it was an incredible way to recharge and refocus on my upcoming race – the Revolution 3 Full Iron Distance race on Sept 9th in Sandusky Ohio.

I took 2 weeks of lighter training after the Canadian Long Course Champs in Magog, QC on July 22nd.  During these 2 weeks I listened very carefully to my body and slowly built back up to stronger aerobic base work by the Thursday of the second week. I am feeling really good now and yesterday punched out a 183km ride and went through 180k in 5:11:00 – this is encouraging, especially since I felt very strong right to the end.

Th time I took off and time I spent in the forest and by the ocean has done my body good, I am certain of this.

My run training is going well and so is my swimming, both are right on track to being right where they need to be on race day.

It is amazing what the body will tell you if you just listen to it, I am taking a slightly different approach to this Iron Distance Prep and so far the body is responding well.  Something I have learned over the past few years is you can’t push your body the same in August (or later) than you did in the springtime – the accumulated effect of training and racing (for me at least) takes it’s toll.

One thing is for certain I am very excited to be approaching another Iron Distance race feeling like I am in the best place I have ever been 4 weeks out.

Alright, time for an easy Friday morning run with Max in the running stroller!



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