Eggs and Sweet Potatoes – Easy Breakfast


ggs and Sweet Potatoes is what Max and I had for breakfast the other day.  Delicious and nutritious for sure.  But back up a bit to 5:45am and the day started with a nice run workout.

Jumped out of bed, brewed up a cup o’ joe with Upgraded Coffee Beans, washed down 2 caps of Cordyceps with a couple big swigs of coffee, headed outside and laced up my shoes while the Garmin connected to some satellites.  45min run felt great, this was my first run with any sort of structure since I ended my season 2 weeks ago.  I will of course use a gradual progression over the next 2 weeks to make sure I don’t do too much too soon.  I wasn’t looking at pace at all during this run but the lap splits (have watch set to lap each mile) weren’t too bad to look at.

When I got home Mari and Max were just about to get up.  I did a quick foam rolling session on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and plantar fascia.  Then Max and I got down to business making some breaky.

Quick Note: you will notice that in the title I said Sweet Potatoes even though we used what North Americans call Yams, but these are actually just orange sweet potatoes, and yams are a different genus of food.

I felt like something warm so I went to one of my staples, sweet potatoe chunks pan fried with scrambled eggs on the side.  This meal meets all requirements – flavour, nutrition and could even qualify as a comfort food.  This combination covers all your nutrition bases – eggs are one of natures most complete foods, it is incredibly nutrient dense and the only thing they really lack is Vitamin C, but the sweet potatoes easily have you covered in that category.


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Sweet Potatoes cut into chunks

Sweet Potatoes cut into chunks

This is a very, very easy meal to prepare.  But because you are using hearty sweet potatoes or yams there is about 20min of cooking time required.

-Preheat a large pan on low

-Add 1 Tbls of oil per sweet potato

Oil options***: Coconut, MCT, Bacon Grease, Olive Oil, Macadamia nut oil, Butter

-Peel and cut your sweet potatoes into chunks

-Add Sweet Potatoes to Pan

-Cook for ~7min, until golden brown on bottom

-Flip chunks over onto other (largest) side

Sweet Potatoes in Pan

Sweet Potatoes in Pan

-Cook another ~7min

-At this point stir up the potatoes and fry them for another ~5min, stirring frequently

-You can cook them until your desired tenderness / crispiness is attained

-Cook up your eggs however you want, sprinkle everything with salt and enjoy



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-Cinnamon is a great if you are having this at breakfast (you won’t need sugar, these are plenty sweet enough)

-Throw some garlic and onions in the pan for an awesome side dish at dinner

-The sweet potatoes will soak up a lot of the oil that they are cooking in and this is one thing that makes them incredibly delicious

***Different oils have different smoke points, for example, bacon grease (from a clean source that you had strained through a fine mesh strainer before storing) will have a higher smoking point than olive oil and will cook the sweet potatoes faster since you can use a slightly higher heat

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Use your biggest pan (or use two pans) and make lots as I promise you these will get gobbled up fast.

Making Sweet Potatoes a staple, especially when you are an athlete or active person is a simple and delicious way to incorporate a great deal of nutrition into your diet.


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