Adam & Max CA '13

Adam & Max, San Jose, CA ’13

I am a family man and you will find pics and references to my lovely wife and awesome son scattered throughout my website and on my social media streams.

Triathlon and nutrition are my passions – I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.  I have done a lot of things the hard way and for that reason I have continued to grow as an athlete and person.  From epic training days to experimenting with all types of foods and dietary approaches I have run the gamut and can safely say I get stronger all the time by finding, testing and implementing ideas and methodologies to my ever evolving approach and journey to becoming an Ironman Champion.


I think my journey as a triathlete truly started the day I accepted a slot (that I had qualified for) to my first Ironman in 2006.  Ironman Canada in 2006 was only my 5th triathlon ever and I learned a great deal that year and was bit by the triathlon bug.  Since that Ironman in 2006 I have completed 15 more and many other races over the various triathlon distances.  Some of my results can be found on my “Racing” page of this website.


I love food. I love to go get it at the farmers market, I love to prepare it and love to eat it.  In our house we eat very well with a focus on fresh local foods.

Max diggin into some Bone Marrow

Max diggin into some Bone Marrow

We focus on nutrient dense foods: vegetables, fruits, eggs, grass-fed beef, organ meats and seafood.  Max is a growing boy and I am a high end athlete – this means we both need a ton of nutrition and don’t time to waste on eating much poor, nutrient-empty foods like refined sugars and refined grains.  But don’t get me wrong – I won’t say no to Grandmas Apple Pie once in a while.



Before I was married and had a family I was pretty much a hermit from age 20-26.  All I did was eat, train, race, sleep and study the sport of triathlon and nutrition.  Have a look at my Ironman Hisotry book, I don’t think it is even a book anymore, it’s just a pile of pages with what used to be a binder to hold them together.  I’ve even got nods of approval from Chris McCormack regarding my knowledge of the history of the sport and the athletes that have made it what it is.  Who is Cristian Bustos? Don’t know? Well ask Mark Allen, he will definitely know.   What color was Peter Reid race suit the first year he won Kona?  I love this sport and I love everything about living living the lifestyle of and racing as a professional triathlete.




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