Confirmed Races

A while back I talked briefly about my race schedule for this year, and why I was choosing certain races.  Since then training has gone really well and I am really looking forward to the next chunk of training leading up to my first race of the season – Ironman St.George.


This year I am starting things off with and Iron distance race, usually it is later in the year that I do my races of this distance, but not this year.  Coach Noa and I feel that the training for this race at this point in the season is ok for me now, I can handle it quite well.  That is, my body is now better adapted to the stressful training associated with long course triathlon, quite simply put my – my body can now take a beating and bounce back stronger and ready for more.

After Ironman St.George I will aim to maintain my streak at the Victoria (New Balance) 1/2 Iron in late June.  Then the rest of the season will be dedicated to racing on the Rev3 Triathlon Series scene.  I am very excited about this focus on the Rev3 races.  Their Iron Distance race in Ohio in early September will be my A-Race for the season and I will also do 3  or 4 of their 1/2 Irons including the Portland race in early July.

Alright that’s a quick update on how the season seems to be shaping up.

Happy training to all and I hope everyone scores nice weather on their bike days!



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