Challenge Penticton and Rancho Cordova

Two weeks ago I completed the Penticton course for the 5th time, and it was not my best performance there. There was a variety of factors that influenced the outcome of the race, most of which were not poor decisions made during the race but external things that may or may not have been prevented. I won’t get into the details but when I look back I definitely wasn’t in a position on race day to perform well.

I love the Challenge Penticton course, there is some magic in the Okanagan Valley, and likely a big part of the draw for me to return to that race often is that I did my first Ironman there in 2006. Fast forward to 2013 and I had a solid performance there finishing 4th. This year I finished a disappointing 10th. The saving grace of this was that at least my 3.5 year old son got to see me up on stage at the awards. (Thank you Challenge Family for paying 10 deep).

Challenge Penticton

Challenge Penticton

Best Foot Forward

Without a 5th gear on race day the 9+ hours I spent out there on the course turned more into a long aerobic workout than a real race effort.  And for this reason I have recovered really well and am now almost back up to full training loads. But I did put my best foot forward at all times and simply did the best I could.  For anyone who is familiar with the Challenge Penticton course, you know that it is not the easiest course from a mental stand point.  With a one loop bike course and single out and back run course (see maps below) it can turn in to a long day very quickly if things aren’t going your way. But, as is often the case we learn a great deal from our poor performances, and it was no different this time for me.

The One Loop Penticton Bike Course

The One Loop Penticton Bike Course

My focus from now until Christmas is to race some 1/2s. First up is Challenge Rancho Cordova at a beautiful location just east of Sacramento. After that I plan to race 2 more 1/2s before the end of November.

Penticton Out & Back Run Course

Penticton Out & Back Run Course

I am really looking forward to the change in training and focusing more on higher intensity sets for the 1/2 distance. I will do a lot of my work (almost all of it) on the bike trainer and I also plan to incorporate treadmills sessions back into the regular routine. Swimming is a whole new world for me under the guidance of Cody Flegel. My thought process on swimming has changed so dramatically that it almost feels like a new sport. Getting coached by an amazing swim coach (and olympic level swimmer) has changed my entire point of view on swimming and I plan to turn my swim into a strength and never have to worry (too much) about playing catch up from the get go.

This blog post is not the most focused and well written bit of work but my training plan is locked in and am very focused on, and looking forward to, each and every workout in this training block. I will be applying a larger percentage of my focus to bike intensity in an effort to build off of the large aerobic base I have built since my broken elbow in March. And now I need to insert a big thank you to Denise for lending me a TT Bike to race on for the next period (and for Penticton). Thank you Denise I simply would be able to race this year if it weren’t for your generosity.

Thank You Support Team

Even though my race in Penticton was very sub-par my support team has had nothing but nice things to say and more encouragement to offer for my next race. Thank you for this. Many people are responsible for helping me along my path especially my wife, family and employer/sponsor Purica.

Alright I think that is enough TV for my son to watch for one night so I will cut the post off here.. . . . We don’t actually have cable or satellite but he is still young enough that any form of TV eye candy gobbles up his gullible brain for as long as we will let it. Transformers on Youtube is the hot thing right now.

Challenge Rancho Cordova here I come.

Happy training to all and stay healthy,


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