A Few Pictures and Our New Chariot Stoller

My wife and I were over the moon when our Chariot Stroller arrive in the mail yesterday.  These guys make top of the line products and it we are really lucky to have one of their strollers to call our own now.

It is made of an very durable, lightweight, and comfortable (for the little one(s) inside) materials.  All safety features are clearly taken into account with utmost care.  It is very easily changed from a running stroller to a bike trailer simply by switching attachments.

The 20″ wheels make it a breeze to go across any bumps or patches of grass or gravel areas or anything really.  The passengers just bob along and love the ride!

Within 28 hours of us receiving it our son Max had already been on 1 bike ride and 2 runs.  One of the runs included a stop at Home Depot to do a quick bit of product research.

Here is 2 pics, one of the running option and one with it hooked up to my TT bike (just for kicks, haha).



Also, here is a pictures of the finish line at Revolution 3 Cedar Point full iron, and the link below this pic is to a random pic of me on the run course there.


picture link – Rev3 Run Photo (courtesy of Rev3 Team)

– Adam

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