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Great White North Triathlon Half Iron / 3rd Place... race results...

2017 Races

  • Times Colonist 10k Road Running Race - 34:29
  • Nanaimo Triathlon - 1st
  • Great White North Triathlon - 4:05:13 / 3rd
  • Elk Lake Triathlon - August 6th
  • Goodlife Victoria Marathon - October 8th

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Celebrating your successes – GWN Triathlon

One of my idols – a retired Canadian triathlete named Peter Reid – has said on record that one of, if not the biggest regret he has of his racing career is how he didn’t take the time to celebrate his successes.  He was so focused on the next race and how he could improve that he failed to se

Who is Adam O'Meara?

Adam is an elite level triathlete based in Victoria, BC, Canada where he live with this wife and son. His triathlon goals for the 2016 and 2017 are to achieve podium results at Ironman 70.3 and (full) Ironman events. Adam has completed over 15 Ironman distance races and under the guidance of his new coach Lance Watson he is poised to have personal best results over the coming years. Nutrition is his other passion and by combining meticulous attention to both training and nutrition Adam is on a life-long journey of optimal health and performance.

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“What Do You Eat In A Day Adam?”

That was a question I was asked recently when I was speaking in front of the Westshore Triathlon Club.  Thank you to Kirk and Steph for providing the platform for me to share my thoughts and experiences.  I focused my talk on 2 topics: (more…)

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